Thursday, 7 September 2017

The Bike Race

Before the race started I felt nervous excited and pumped because I might win and I was nervous because I might lose . I knew some things about the track. It had bumps and four soft corners. I was prepared by training and riding my bike. I checked my brakes and I made some changes and I upgraded my brakes more and I put a motor on my bike so my bike goes faster. I also had porridge for breakfast. I don't listen to any music or do any reading on race day. I just keep focused.      

When the whistle blew we took off and I overtook everyone. No one overtook me because I took off like a bullet. But the weather was really windy and the crowd went silent when the whistle blew and I was coming 1st place but the other people were trying there best. After 2 laps i extended my lead, and lapped three people.I felt really happy when I came 1st.

I felt ecstatic and happy. The crowd went wild and they were cheering. After that we celebrated and we played a game of pool and went to the pools. It was an amazing day.       

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Monday, 21 August 2017

mammoth story

I was at a bar and I heard a noise and I looked behind me and i saw a mammoth! And I got my big camera out and took so many photos of the mammoth. And the mammoth had really sharp thorns. And that day it was foggy and the mammoth stopped the traffic and some cars crashed. Then I called the police and when the police arrived the police tied the mammoths legs together and took the mammoth back to the zoo.


Monday, 24 July 2017

holidays story

On the holidays I went to my dads and when I went to my dads I went to flip out for my aunts birthday it was fun there was loads of tramps and there was a small foam pit and there was a big foam pit and there was big fans just encase your hot and there is a tramp that you jump side to side after that we went to have a feed there was lots of food after the feed we had cake but i was to full for cake  so then we went home the end

Graffiti name art

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Monday, 8 May 2017

cyclone cook

Cyclone Cook
When there was a storm I was in lounge watching TV. I was scared But then we put candles everywhere.CRASH! I heard a bad thing outside like trees breaking and trees falling on gardens. we went to bed because it was very late from owl bedtime. and when I woke up there was leaves everywhere. but when we went to have lock there was a toll tree and the big branch fell off when we were going to my dad's. then we went home and when I got to my dad's house i just played on my tablet and i done jobs when i was there for 4 days that all i done there the end.   

special place

Have lock Park.
I saw a lot of people at have lock park scooting and skating and there waterways people were splashing water everywhere. I saw people doing the pole race with 3 buttons and doing ping pong. i was doing ping pong after climbing the big statue. then i played ping pong then  i saw sweet yummy candy floss to but i had water because it was hot and i saw the spinner to i feel dizzy i cod only see me every thing around me was blurry and we saw this man making bubbles with 2 sticks and 1 sting the bubbles were very big i think they were bigger than me. we went to have lock park because my brother was doing  kwia. i  saw a delicious ice cream in a cone with 3 flakes on it and sprinkles it looked very yum.i smelled yum food. i was going to my dads that why i got a very cold water because my bag was in my mums truck. but it was fun then dad said we have to go now. then we went home.