Thursday, 7 September 2017

The Bike Race

Before the race started I felt nervous excited and pumped because I might win and I was nervous because I might lose . I knew some things about the track. It had bumps and four soft corners. I was prepared by training and riding my bike. I checked my brakes and I made some changes and I upgraded my brakes more and I put a motor on my bike so my bike goes faster. I also had porridge for breakfast. I don't listen to any music or do any reading on race day. I just keep focused.      

When the whistle blew we took off and I overtook everyone. No one overtook me because I took off like a bullet. But the weather was really windy and the crowd went silent when the whistle blew and I was coming 1st place but the other people were trying there best. After 2 laps i extended my lead, and lapped three people.I felt really happy when I came 1st.

I felt ecstatic and happy. The crowd went wild and they were cheering. After that we celebrated and we played a game of pool and went to the pools. It was an amazing day.       

IMG_1680.JPG  IMG_1671.JPG            

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  1. wow terrell i can tell you put a lot of effort in the race to win it good job