Thursday, 23 March 2017


On the second day of camp we went to Mt.Bruce the first thing we did was look at the takahi.Then we heard the cicadas when we were going to see the next bird.The next bird was the kaka.They poop a lot.The kaka were showing off to.The third bird was the kakariki are the hungry ones.


  1. It seems that Bruce is really cool. Hey also did you see my mum feed and kiss the eels.

  2. yeah i did see your mum kiss the eel and feed the eel

  3. wow Terrell i like your work
    your story is a bit short though
    I like your story because you told us what the birds are called
    instead of just saying "the first bird we saw was a green parrot..." =)
    from Jordan

  4. love your work now i know about mt Bruce cause i wasent there cause i threw up

  5. great work terrell. I am so proud